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Simple Brick Characters

Simple Brick Characters - Something Pig

Simple Brick Characters – Something Pig

Aside from our usual colouring page additions, this week we rolled out the launch of a new category titled Simple Brick Characters under the sub-category heading Building Bricks.  In this area we hope to include lots of fun ways in which children can make use of locking construction bricks for both educational and recreational purposes. We have lots of really great ideas for this category and would love to hear your feedback on our simple brick characters.  Our daughters both love to play with construction bricks, and also love to play with dolls and plastic figures etc. So one day as a test I made some stick characters from a popular construction brick brand to see what they would make of them. They immediately identified them as characters from their favourite tv show and started to roll play with them straight away. I started to make more of these characters and as I did I thought, why not add them to our website.  In doing so I hit upon one important snag, copyright! – If I were to list the characters on the website I would have to do so without mentioning either the name of the popular construction brick brand, or the actual characters names upon which they are based.  After a few attempts I decided to go with amusing names for the character families, and hopefully you will all be able to work out who they are supposed to be.  Le and I are working hard on designing more of these characters and I hope to add to them on a weekly basis. If you have any special requests then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line (see our contact us page).