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Mojo the monkey kids coloring page

Mojo the monkey children's colouring page

Mojo the monkey children’s colouring page

Technically this update happened yesterday (Friday) but only today (Saturday) have I found the time to post this blog entry. Continuing the animal theme that we started last week, we have another new colouring page finished today titled Mojo the monkey.  Mojo is a lovable and happy little monkey who loves to climb trees and eat fruit. I am pleased to say that Mojo has already been given a thumbs up from our daughter Le who really enjoyed colouring him.  Download and print your free PDF coloring page of Mojo the monkey today.

Derek the friendly alien colouring page

Derek the friendly alien children's colouring page

Derek the friendly alien children’s colouring page

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I do create some rather odd looking characters and this may just be one of those times.  I still have absolutely no idea what he is supposed to be. Mum say’s that he should have been a she, but I liked the name Derek and so she became a he (if you follow me).  Anyway, silly back stories aside; I hope that your children have as much fun colouring little Derek as I had designing him.  Download the free PDF and print him as many times as you like at the Derek the friendly alien colouring page.