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Big bird with stick legs colouring page

Big bird with stick legs children's colouring page

Big bird with stick legs children’s colouring page

It’s Tuesday and time for another update to the website. Today sees the addition of a new colouring page titled Big bird with stick legs.  An unusual title for an unusual coloring page! – BBwSL to give it a shorter name is the work of my very own brother.  The original artwork was called something a little shall we say politically incorrect, and so for inclusion on our website I had to rename it.  The original was also created in lovely pastel colours and therefore I had to modify it slightly to turn it into the bird coloring page you see before you.  As it features a few small areas to colour we have given this colouring sheet a recommended age of 4 years and above.  We think the end result of BBwSL is a very polished and professional looking colouring page that wouldn’t look out of place on any classroom or nursery wall. Download your free PDF coloring page of big bird with stick legs today.

Kids Colouring Pages

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our Children’s Colouring Pages category or for our international visitors Kids Coloring Pages. I know what you are going to say and you are right, there isn’t much to see yet.  So far we have a grand total today of 6 children’s colouring pages and nothing else.  So why did we launch the website so soon? – Well at the moment we are not actively promoting or marketing this website, therefore any traffic that we see is either from friends, family or from our presence so far in the search engines (minimal for the time being).  It takes a long time for websites to gain popularity and even longer to appear high up in the search engines, and for this reason we decided to put the site live as soon as possible.  This way we can grow the website organically and add to the existing content on a daily basis. The hope is that by the time start to see lot’s of visitors, we should in theory have lot’s more content.  We are currently in talks with a number of graphic artists to assist in making our coloring pages, and at the same time looking into the other areas of content for the website.  In the mean time, please have a look at what we do already have over in our children’s colouring pages category. Thanks, igg.