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Ella the happy cat kids colouring page

Ella the happy cat children's colouring page

Ella the happy cat children’s colouring page

It is most definitely hot today and we are certainly feeling the heat in our office.  The UK isn’t usually known for it’s sub tropical heatwaves, but this week and last has proven to be just that.  The hot weather is forecast to continue throughout next week, and we have just been upgraded to a level 3 weather warning (whatever they might mean).  Anyway I digress, it is Friday today and that alone is enough to get us through the day.  If that wasn’t enough, then may I present you with a little update for this boiling hot afternoon.  Since we began this website I have been keen for the inclusion of an animals colouring page category, and today I am pleased to say that I got my wish.  For the time being we have only a single entry in this find category (little clue there), and that is our Ella the happy cat children’s colouring page. I must confess that this is the first time I have ever made an attempt to draw a cat and I am very pleased with the end result.